Orthodontics in San Antonio, TX

Comfort and Confidence with Orthodontics

redhead with bracesHaving misalignment, dental crowding, or bite issues can wreak havoc on your comfort and your confidence. Not only do these issues make eating and speaking difficult, but the impact on your self-confidence can be immense. At Enhance Dental, we understand that orthodontics is not just a cosmetic service. Many children, teens, and adults benefit greatly by choosing orthodontic treatment. Most kids will have their first orthodontic consult by age 7 and some will be referred to an orthodontist to start the process of correction.

Who Needs Orthodontics?

Though common, not every dental patient needs orthodontics. It is important to understand that a dentist will review your most recent x-rays, and ones from previous visits, to determine whether or not there is a concern or issue that requires orthodontic intervention. If the dentist does notice something, they will begin discussions with you about moving forward with the correction. While it can seem overwhelming, it is important not to postpone treatment, as it can become harder to correct and more expensive down the road. Here are some reasons you may need orthodontic treatment:

  • Spacing and Crowding – some lose their baby teeth too soon and this can cause strange gaps or force other teeth to shift, pushing other teeth out of alignment and making it harder for adult teeth to erupt.
  • Bite Issues – crossbites, overbites, and underbites.
  • Misalignment – due to jaw position or the way the adult teeth erupted.

Orthodontic Treatments in San Antonio

Our experienced and caring team at Enhance Dental is proud to offer orthodontic services in San Antonio! Depending on your unique dental needs, our dental team can help steer you in the right direction when it comes to the type of treatment you may need. Here are the two most common treatments we provide:


Traditional metal braces are the most common type of orthodontic treatment. This option is great for anyone but is primarily recommended for kids under the age of 14. Braces are recommended by orthodontists for many reasons, but metal braces are usually more effective at correcting severe issues. They are also more affordable than other orthodontic options.


Invisalign is a series of clear aligners that are custom fit to your unique dental needs. It is a popular treatment option for older teens and adults. Favored because of its ability to correct dental issues discreetly and quickly, it is also a flexible option for working professionals who may need to remove the aligners during speaking engagements or while eating. Because of the responsibility needed for these types of aligners, they are not recommended for anyone under the age of 16.

Schedule Your Orthodontic Consultation

We recommend keeping up with regular dental visits so the dentist can assess whether or not an orthodontic intervention is needed. Our team would love to consult with you about the type of treatment options that could work for you. Schedule an appointment today! We look forward to meeting you.

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