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Keeping up with regular dental visits and cleanings are essential to your dental health. We recommend visiting the dentist every 6 months so we can remove pesky plaque and tartar from your teeth and examine your mouth for signs of gingivitis, cavities, and other dental problems. At these visits, you will also get standard x-rays which can help us spot small problems before they become much bigger ones that require emergency dental care.

Looking for a dentist where you can schedule cleanings and checkups for the whole family? Enhance Dental is a family-friendly dentist office with the latest dental technology. We’re now accepting new patients and offering a new patient special where you pay just $59 for your first exam, cleaning, and x-rays.

Cavity Treatment & Prevention

Our main goal is to prevent cavities before they happen by teaching proper dental hygiene techniques you can use every day at home. However, it’s normal for cavities to sometimes still occur, even with the best hygiene routine. Luckily, we’re here to make sure your treatment is done right and is as comfortable for you as possible.

In most cases, a cavity is treated with a filling. Fillings are used to fill cavities caused due to tooth decay. They are made from tooth-colored ceramic or composite resin that can be customized to mimic the aesthetics of your natural teeth. Your dentist will numb the area surrounding the tooth, thoroughly remove the decay and tartar deposits from the cavity, and fill it with a suitable filling material. It will then be trimmed and hardened, after which we will polish it to enhance its appearance.

Sometimes cavities may need a different treatment if they are too large for standard fillings.

Oral Cancer Screenings

We offer optional oral cancer screenings every time you come in for a cleaning and general exam. For the screening, your dentist will examine inside your mouth and check your throat and neck for signs related to oral cancer. We strongly recommend taking advantage of this quick and painless exam. The earlier oral cancer is located and diagnosed, the greater your chances of a full, successful recovery.

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